This short film shows two of vitally important legal norms: In the German constitution, Art. 1 (1) of the Basic Law; and in the UN System, Art. 39 UN Charter. We could read these norms as if they included the term “[in the climate system]”. Climate mitigation is not only a question of physics and politics, but also of law: Legal norms can bind States to start mitigation to protect human rights and international peace and security.

Art. 1 (1) GG: Human dignity [in the climate system] shall be inviolable. To respect & protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.

2 pre–   the undoing.  Jamie Lee (Gowanus open studios 2017). (Short film Ina Chen / PM)

3  © wang2mu1

4  © västtrafik / Lars Backström (Public transport authority of West Sweden)