Language 2.0 (Cultural life)

Sample question 2: “View natural human language, literature and art, through the perspective Amitav Ghosh describes as grappling with climate change as The Unthinkable, and George Lakoff as The tragedy of missing environmental frames (hypocognition).”

“Then imagine solutions (“approaching life in a subjunctive mode,” Ghosh) and (“simple effective social movement frames,” Lakoff).” (I don’t know how to do this yet but this project sets up an analytical framework to investigate how to do so in the future.)

2 All language evolves in the climate system.
– Language 1.0 is the language of biological life, but including mathematics / logic;
– Language 2.0 the language of cultural (human) life, including ethics.

This reflects Max Tegmark’s distinction between Life 1.0 and Life 2.0, modified via various social science and humanities perspectives, notably the medium and late Wittgenstein.