Language as art

and process

Towards thinking about simple effective social movement frames:

1  The following (/posts) get to writing. Not as primary content of this site though; more as fallback format because written words are necessary to communicate emotions and ideas, beyond sound and image.

2  Meanwhile, another short at the Berlin Wall:  El Cachivache con Muerte Dulce (Leandro and Gaia:  Nou Tango Berlin).  Shot by Lujo y Fantasia 2018.  Music connects disconnected worlds to share what cannot be said with words.

3  Climate system animation Hurricane Florence at landfall (24h)

Dialectic in an equilibrium This is the question Walter Benjamin (1983)  asked as “Dialektik im Stillstand.”  Today, we can summarize it as:  How to keep moving in a world changing at superhuman speed?  Nou Tango Berlin  (Photo credit:  Ishka Michocka).

5  Art in Motion Origin of the word Bewegungsproblem  (Movement problem).

Urban-scale art Temporarily transforming built infrastructure  (here:  Karlsruhe’s castle facade, for  ~8,000 viewers/night)  (ZKM)