Language 3.0

Example: Fragments

All language evolves in the climate system.
– Language 1.0 is the perfectly rational language of biological life;
– language 2.0 the perfectly irrational language of cultural (human) life;
– language 3.0 the language of future technological life (processes).

1  The climate–AI nexus as a short film:  June Fourth Elegies (poems by Liu Xiaobo 2012) directed by Ina Chen (translation & documentation).  Shot in Suzhou;  Salerno;  and at the Berlin Wall.  (Liu Xia, under house arrest since 2010, was allowed to leave China for Berlin 10/7/2018.)  All shorts on this website are based on the same footage.  The AI component is sometimes less (above), sometimes more explicit (Mortals Dreaming 2018).