Paul Maidowski

I research climate governance (M.A. in Law and Diplomacy, Fletcher School, Tufts). Trained in climate negotiations and the energy sector, I try to help people break out of silo thinking, to better understand and mitigate risks they experience already or may face soon.

In private life and in the private and public sector, our future will look unlike our past. In Q1 2020 we learned that we need to see and act on global systemic risk more effectively and proactively.

The need to learn fast and early extends even to our basic idea of law, politics, and economics, and ourselves. This explains the focus on language pursued here. Besides writing, this site shows shorts shot as storytelling experiments (cf also Vimeo). In any form: fascinating, challenging questions—feel free to reach out.

Content to be updated as / if research progresses.

Contact here or via Twitter (@_ppmv).