Paul Maidowski

I look at the intersection of climate and language. That is, human activity in the climate system. Posts (/fall) and drafts (/currentversion) are free under a CC license.

Analysis angle:
– Decarbonization as a problem of law and language
– Growth in climate-constrained worlds

– Simple effective social movement frames (Lakoff 2010)

Interdisciplinary analyses are be based on metrics such as sea-level rise and global CO₂ trend here, to visualize future impacts of climate-relevant decisions today.

I also edited a few short films to experiment with storytelling via time-based media.

Much of this site will be allegorical, incomprehensible maybe, to those who haven’t viewed the underlying problems from similar angles, until I find clearer words to express myself and move allegory into analysis. To those who have wrestled with and surely at times also despaired over similar perspectives, parts of this may be useful even in its present unfit form. 似水